Preetam Bose Preetam Bose

I sincerely believe that, while manuals, tutorials and resources are all well and good, the only way you can ever really improve in photography is when you click.
Nothing has the charm of a chilly winter night and getting a 700 second exposure. That said, I love to find out the shiny beacons of hope in everyday prosaic objects and this keeps me going.


It’s all about the moment that passes by.
That fleeting glance that would otherwise be lost.
Creating memories, because that’s the high of a photographer!


I aim to make things that work, irrespective of what the environment.
I believe, life does not make me.
I make the best of what is on offer.


Good design has to talk for itself.
There is no excuse for substandard design.
Get in to great design, give me a call.

You can view some of my work here on this website and if you like what you see, head over to the contact page and give me a shout!